Meet Us

EPiC-7    Dave Westrich- Pastor

EPiC-2    Patti Laffoon- Clerk of Session

Patti has been a member of EPiC Church since the late 1980s and is currently serving as Clerk of Session. She is also the director of Mercy Center for Women’s Ministries. She is a retired teacher with the Lincoln County R-3 Schools where she taught mostly fourth grade at Hawk Point Elementary. She has two grown sons, Jeremy and Nathaniel. She loves gardening and is a Lincoln County Master Gardener, and also likes reading, cooking, and scrapbooking in her spare time. She also likes visiting small towns in Missouri for shopping, history, and trying out local restaurants.

EPiC-13    Eric Heidemann- Treasurer

My name is Eric Heidemann and my wife Gina and I joined the church in 1998 and I became an Elder in 2000.  I have been an Elder on and off since then and currently am the church treasurer.

I grew up in Connecticut and graduated from the University of Georgia, where I met my wife Gina, in 1993.  We moved to the Troy area in 1997 and we have three children, Avery, Sam and Hanne.  Avery is at Baylor University, Sam is at Truman State University and Hanne is attending Troy High School.  I have worked in publishing sales since 1995 and currently own a publishing sales group called Fujii Associates.  EPiC Church has played a major role in my personal faith journey as well as my families, our family has been embraced by the amazing congregation at EPiC and we are continually amazed by the work that God does through our small but powerful church.